• Alexia Mendoza

2020 Makeup Trends 💄

New year, new trends. Makeup changes fast, people are constantly try new looks, that’s why 2020 is no exception.

Black mascara?

It’s time to give it a break, try colored ones: blue, green, purple, pink and even red!


This year is all about pops of neon colors. You can apply them in the inner corners of your eyes or lower lash line.


Forget about classic red lips, 2020 is about bright pink lipstick! Everyone looks good on a hot pink lipstick with blue. Keep the eyes subtle.

Black Eyeliner?

Nope, not anymore. Try neons. You can also create a floating liner just apply it on your crease.


No more bushy, “I didn’t brush my brows”. Keep them structured, polished and strong.


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