• Alexia Mendoza

3 Simple Steps to Cut Crease

Cut crease eye makeup has been all over social media. It’s a technique that enhances the crease of the eye. Here are some tips to create a cut crease:

1. Start with a transition eyeshadow, this can be a few shades lighter than the darkest one you’ll apply. Blend it into the crease but avoid the lid.

2. Take a darker shade and with a small blending brush, apply it into the crease. Try to keep to concentrate more product on the lower edge.

3. To sharpen, you can use concealer. Apply it on the lid and then look up, this will mark your eyelid and help to avoid over applying concealer. You can apply a lighter matte eyeshadow or go glam with glitter. Another way, is to apply glitter eyeliner to the crease.


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