• Alexia Mendoza

5 Reasons to choose Cruelty Free Makeup

1. Cruelty free makeup is less harmful for your skin.

Your skin absorbes everything you put on it, imagine applying a foundation with lots of chemicals that you don’t know where they come from.

Cruelty free brands have over 7,000 ingredients to choose, they are safe and more natural which is better for your skin.

2. Animal testing is NOT required.

In the U.S. animal testing is not required by law . These companies choose to do it because they have to prove their products meet the safety standards.

There are multiple alternatives to test products such as artificial tissue or in-vitro. Then, why companies choose to test on animals? Is it more “affordable”? Why you would support that?

3. Cruel tests.

The tests they perform can cause irritation, blindness or even death. They are definitely painful.

If you think only bunnies and rats are used, you are wrong! It affects animals such as cats, dogs, bunnies, pigs, rats, and even monkeys. These animals are kept on small cages which causes stress, they are torture until death.

4. Great brands are cruelty free.

Is true you have less options to choose from but there are high quality and thousand of makeup brands that do not test on animals.

- Too faced

- The balm

- Lorac

- Dermablend

- Anastasia berverly hills

- Lime crime

- Milani


- Stila

- Urban decay

- Grande cosmetics

- Jouer

5. You can make a difference.

By switching to cruelty free makeup brands only you are giving a message to companies that tests on animals. That way we can influence more companies to go cruelty free.

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