• Alexia Mendoza

Cats + Christmas Tree

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

This might not be the best combination if you think about it. Most cats enjoy playing with the ornaments or sneaking around or jumping on the tree. Here are some tips to consider:

1. If you buy a real tree make sure your cats won’t chew it, this can cause a serious health risk. You can add citrus scent and foil at the base to keep them away since they don’t like citrus scents.

2. Consider buying a fake tree, just make sure it has a strong/ solid base.

3.Once you get it, wait at least one day to set it up, that way the cats will have the chance to get bored with the tree.

4. While decorating the tree, focus on top and half of it where is harder for the cats to reach and place the ornaments towards the center instead of the ends of the branches.

5. Place the lights towards the center so that your cat won’t chew the wires and hide the end of the wire with a cord protector.


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