• Alexia Mendoza

How to Combine Makeup with Clothes?

Is it hard for you to combine your makeup with your outfit? Well, here are some classic outfits and just the right makeup look to go with it:

1. Black dress and Smokey eye.

You cannot go wrong when creating a Smokey makeup look for an elegant black dress. You can mix black eyeshadow with burgundy or wine shade it will create the perfect Smokey eye. Also keep the lips with nude shades, it goes perfect with the look.

2. Jean look and hot pink makeup.

Who doesn’t love jeans? They go with everything. You can make from a casual look to a every fashionable outfit. When choosing to wear jeans, try hot pink lipstick with simple eyes, you can line them or just apply mascara. I’m sure you will get complements.

3. Red dress and cat eye.

When wearing red clothes is hard to think what makeup look goes with it. Well cat eye is the perfect match! If you are feeling a little extra apply red lipstick.


White with golden eyeshadow

If you want to wear something white then try to create a makeup with gold eyeshadow and pink pastel lips. It will give a fresh look.

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