• Alexia Mendoza

How to make Eyeshadow last all day!

A common problem is when eyeshadow fades away or creases after a few hours. This happens to you? So take notes, here are some tips:

1. Try using a cream eyeshadow first and then set it with powder eyeshadow from the same color.

2. If you don’t have cream eyeshadow don’t worry, you can use any product with the same texture, for example concealer.

3. You can buy eyeshadow primer for example Milani Eyeshadow Primer. This is a specific design product to set eyeshadow and make it last all day.

4. Try buying waterproof eyeshadows this will last longer.

5. Don’t apply moisturizer if you have oily eyelids.

6. You can set your eyeshadow using a setting spray after you finish your look.

Good luck!


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